Social responsibility

Since the very inception, we adhere to the principles of corporate social responsibility. The dynamically developing VIS Group focuses on sponsorship and charity projects, as well as compliance with policies to ensure environmental safety during construction.

Charity and Sponsorship

All charity events of VIS Group are held in the framework of corporate charity program since 2012. The Group implements its own projects as well as joint programs with various charity foundations. One of them is cooperation with Russian Aid Fund "Rusfond" and “Kommersant” Publishing house. In the framework of the "Joint gifts" program the Group provides targeted help in the treatment of critically ill children in the best medical clinics in the country and abroad. For four years, more than 200 of such children got a chance to heal from serious illnesses.

As part of the charity program "Yaroslavl the Wise" the Group helped in the treatment of children from different regions of Russia, suffering Mobius syndrome, peripheral nervous system defects and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In the framework of the "Immaculate Heart, assistance was provided to children from families who cannot pay for expensive treatment of congenital heart disease. In 2015, the Group assists in the treatment of children with diabetes. The treatment is carried out on the basis of the Endocrinology Clinic of St. Petersburg state pediatric medical Academy and Endocrinology centre for children of the Tver Region.

It is extremely important to us to address those most in need to receive high-tech medical care and conduct complex operations in domestic and foreign clinics, as well as to purchase medicine. Employees with readers of "Kommersant" newspaper follow the fate of children assisted.

Particular attention is paid to the regions’ problems of the Groups presence. In cooperation with the Charity Foundation for children of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Yamine" the Group assisted in the treatment and rehabilitation of children with disabilities and orphans living on the territory of the district. Orthodox school in Noyabrsk is being built with the financial participation of the Group. Assistance is provided to several parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

For several years, VIS Group participated in a long-term program "Gazprom to children", carrying out social projects such as the construction of schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, recreation centers. Within the framework of charitable activities, we cooperate with Anatoly Karpov Polar chess school in Salekhard. 150 of its students receive from VIS Group sweet gifts and toys for several years. In 2015, the Group supported the Yamal Dance Sport Team Championship in Novy Urengoy, 420 participants from 11 cities of Russia took part in the Championship.

Supporting the development of national sports, in different years, the Group has provided financial assistance to the Federation of skiing and snowboarding in Russia (2014-2016), Figure Skating Federation, "Gazovik" (Orenburg) and "Volgar" (Astrakhan) football clubs, "Spartak" (St. Petersburg) basketball club, has repeatedly advocated large-scale partner sporting events - the rally-raid "Gold of Kagan" (Astrakhan, 2012), snowmobile marathon "Yamalkan" (Salekhard, 2013-2014).

In 2014, VIS Group was a partner of Sochi hockey club, which made a successful debut in the Continental Hockey League. Its home arena is Bolshoi Ice Palace in the Olympic Park. The Group is directly related to its construction. The main conduit built by the Group carries out water supply of this Olympic facility.

Support of sailing has become a tradition also. Since 2013, the Russian team BCG Sailing Team serving under VIS Group flag has repeatedly conquered the top places on the Russian and international championships in sailing yachts in the class SB20. In 2014, the team entered the TOP-5 of the strongest teams in the country. In 2015, VIS Sailing Team won pre-Christmas regatta in Portugal, became the second team at the Russian Open Championship, and took first place in the final SB20 Grand Slam competition.

The new direction of the company sponsorship was the support of the national cinema. VIS Group became an official partner of Territory film. It is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Russian writer Oleg Kuvaev, a story about the discovery of large deposits of alluvial gold. The film was released on April 2015.

Green Standards

The Group's policy in the field of environmental safety is mainly focused on reducing the burden on the environment during construction.

The principles of VIS Group environmental policy are as follows:

  • Compliance with the requirements and standards established by the legislation,
  • Maintaining a balance between business interests and social responsibility for the environmental safety of production,
  • Regular monitoring and control of environmental impacts.

We implement the said principles through the current system of production environmental control (PEC), a component of which is the production analytical control. It allows us to promptly identify risks and take necessary precautions.

Environmentally friendly and human-safe materials and technologies are the key condition of our work

We may assert with confidence that our facilities comply with all applicable norms and environmental standards, as evidenced by the Certificate of Quality Management System conformity with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008) as applied to the execution of design, construction, installation and commissioning works, as well as the Certificate of admission to work on organizing the preparation of design documentation, construction and installation works, affecting the security and safety of capital construction.

Facilities built by us or under construction meet the most stringent environmental standards. Examples include the constructed unit No. 9 of Novocherkassk SDPP and Novy Urengoy gas and chemical complex. Here we apply the latest technological advances in the field of environmental safety.

Our projects include the integrated improvement and landscaping. Therefore, the Group contributes not only to the preservation of the environment, but also to the improvement of the environment in cities and towns.

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