VIS Group has started Khabarovsk Bypass toll road construction

The construction phase of the concession agreement on the creation and operation of "Khabarovsk Bypass" toll road has begun. This is the first public-private partnership project in the transport sector in the Far East and the largest one in the Khabarovsk Krai. The concession agreement between the Government of the Khabarovsk Krai and Regional Concession Company, LLC (part of VIS Group) was signed in December 2016.
Highway grading at zero kilometer of the road has begun next to the village of Topolevo – top soil is being removed, trees are being filed down. The laying of the roadbed is planned at the end of October. The work is carried out in two shifts in several sites. According to Alexander Sivtsov, the head of the construction site, it will be necessary to remove several tens of thousands of trees along the future road. As part of the preparatory phase, dump trucks are transporting sand to cover the passage to a site where about two hundred pieces of heavy equipment will be placed. These works are planned to be completed in a month.
Despite the fact that the construction season comes to the end, it is planned to work in the winter as well. Until the end of 2017, the work will cover about 30% of the total length of the road. Dmitry Grishaev, Deputy Head of the Khabarovsk Territorial Offive of Regional Concession Company is confident that modern technologies allow not to interrupt the construction process all year round: “In winter, it's possible to work, the technology of backfilling allows us to do this, without freezing of the soil. In the near future, we will begin pouring the roadbed of the site, where a toll plaza will be”.
The road is of strategic importance, linking together three federal highways: "Ussuri" A-370, "Amur" P-297, and "East" A-375. Future development of the project will provide access to the highway network of China. The toll road is also intended to relieve the city center from transit traffic. The total length of the road is 26.8 kilometers. A 15-meter-wide carriageway will allow passing up to 96,000 cars a day. The road will pass through five traffic junctions, 24 bridges and overpasses. There will be five toll plazas at various sites.

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