The project parameters for creating waste sorting plants in the Novosibirsk region will be changed after a thorough analysis

In the Government of the Novosibirsk Region, a meeting on issues of the implementation of the concession agreement for the creation and operation of a complex for sorting, neutralization and disposal of solid municipal wastes was held under the chairmanship of Governor Vladimir Gorodetsky. The agreement between the Novosibirsk Region Government and Ecology-Novosibirsk, LLC was concluded in July 2016. In September 2017, VIS Group became the owner of 75% of Ecology-Novosibirsk, LLC and now represents the interests of the concessionaire.
First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Znatkov, Deputy Governor Sergey Syomka, Minister of Housing and Communal Services and Energy Te Su Kim, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Government Sergey Neshumov attended the meeting. VIS Group was represented by Maxim Gubiev, member of the Board of Directors, Alexander Kim, Deputy General Director, Alexander Isakov, Head of the PPP Implementation Department, Project Manager Sergey Shevchenko and Corporate Communications Director Sergey Kozlovsky.
The agreement, concluded for a period of 40 years, provides for the construction of two high-tech waste sorting plants and two landfill sites in the region, which will allow creating a fundamentally new system for the collection, processing and disposal of waste in the Novosibirsk region, about 500 new jobs will be created.
Vladimir Gorodetsky noted the importance of the project for the region. The creation of a modern complex for working with solid municipal waste is a vital necessity dictated by the amendments to Russian legislation in terms of municipal waste. The concession facilities fully correspond to the priorities of the state policy in the field of waste management, the most important of which are the maximum use of raw materials, reduction of waste generation and their hazard class. At the same time, the project received a mixed response from some representatives of public organizations, some deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region. Taking into account this fact, as well as the arrival of a new investor (VIS Group), the governor considers it necessary to reboot the whole project with a careful analysis of its legal, financial, economic and technological parameters. The result of this work should be the introduction of agreed changes by the parties to the signed concession agreement. The head of the region urged to heed the arguments of deputies, public figures, to draw leading experts to this work and make the project better.
VIS Group member of the Board of Directors Maxim Gubiev noted that the holding is a large investor interested in implementing more than one or two infrastructure projects. The Group hopes to build long-term partnership with the region in order to create new production, transport and social infrastructure facilities, which will have a tremendous multiplier effect: creating new jobs, increasing revenues to the budget, developing the territories and improving the quality of life of people.
Specialists of the Group have already started the work on the audit of the project. In a short time, new morphological studies of solid municipal waste will be carried out, which will allow to adjust the composition of the technological equipment. Already available information allows to talk about the possibility of reducing the cost of the plants. In addition, it is expected to make a significant import equipment substitution. According to the specialists of the holding and experts, the share of domestic equipment can be increased up to 60%. “In Russia there are well-proven technologies and equipment manufacturers. And VIS Group has experience and specialists in this field”, - said the project manager Sergey Shevchenko.
The participants of the meeting also noted the importance of carrying out explanatory work for the population. There are many speculations and frank lies around the project today. VIS Group stated its readiness for a dialogue with all interested parties, as well as with the regional mass media. Information support of this and other projects in the Novosibirsk region will be as open as possible.
The result of the implementation of the concession agreement will be the creation of two waste sorting plants with automated lines with a capacity of 400 thousand tons per year, two processing workshops of large waste with a capacity of 70.6 thousand tons per year and two landfills with a capacity of 297.2 thousand tons per year each. As a result, a powerful high-tech production complex will be put into operation, which will allow building a fundamentally new system for the collection, processing and disposal of waste in the Novosibirsk region. The technologies used will ensure strict environmental control, reduce the number of landfills, and ensure waste sorting for further processing. The main result of the project will be ecological situation improvement, the reduction of the number of garbage dumps.

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