Novosibirsk bridge construction has been discussed at a meeting with the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

In Moscow, a meeting dedicated to the construction of the fourth bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk was held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov. Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Gorodetsky, Minister of Transport and Roads of the region Anatoly Kostylevsky, VIS Group member of the Board of Directors Maxim Gubiev and Deputy General Director Alexander Kim attended the meeting.
The participants presented to the minister the results of the competition and told about the planned dates for the construction start. Currently, the preparation of the concession agreement is continuing, its signing is planned before the end of the year. The term of the agreement is 25 years, of which 5 years are allocated for construction. According to Maxim Sokolov, the implementation of public-private partnership projects is under his personal control. The minister noted the Novosibirsk bridge as one of the largest and most important projects to be implemented in the coming years.
The implementation of the project was also discussed at a meeting with the Governor in Novosibirsk the day before. In August 2017, Siberian Concession Company, LLC (part of VIS Group), won the competition for the right to conclude a concession agreement for the construction of the fourth bridge in Novosibirsk. The Concession Grantor is the Government of the Novosibirsk Region represented by the Ministry of Transport. In addition to the bridge crossing, the project envisages the creation of several overpasses through city tramlines and the railway lines of the Trans-Siberian Railway, elevated pedestrian crossings. Large-scale construction will be deployed on both sides of the Ob River, and multi-level interchanges will allow for continuous, lightless traffic. The total length of all facilities will exceed 5 kilometers.

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