Construction of a bridge across the Ob river, Novosibirsk, Russia

Client:Government of the Novosibirsk oblast

General contractor:"Siberian Concession Company", LLC

31 August 2017, the Group's subsidiary, "Siberian Concession Company", LLC became the winner of the competition for the right to conclude a concession agreement on the construction of the fourth bridge over the Ob river in Novosibirsk. SKK, LLC will act as the General contractor of the project, the client — Government of the Novosibirsk oblast, Ministry of transport and road infrastructure.

The bridge, dubbed Central, will connect the southern with the area of Work and will be held parallel to the existing railway crossing. It will provide access to the Federal highway "Baikal", "Chuysky tract" and "Siberia". The construction of the new bridge will allow for the reconstruction of existing ones.

It will be a modern six-lane highway with a multilevel interchanges, which would eliminate the traffic lights and to ensure the continuity of transport flows. In addition to the bridge large-scale construction will be deployed on both sides of the Ob river. The project envisages the creation of several flyovers through the city's tram lines and railway lines of the TRANS-Siberian railway, elevated pedestrian crossings.

The total length of all objects will exceed 5 kilometers.


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