Kindergarten for 210 children, Salekhard

Client: YaNAD Management of Capital Construction and Investment

General contractor: VIS Group

VIS Group has implemented the project of one of the most innovative kindergartens in YNAD within a record time — one year and ten months. YNAD Governor Dmitry Kobylkin noted in his speech during his visit to the construction site that the new building became a true adornment of this residential neighborhood.

This kindergarten has rooms for 12 groups of kids of various ages and also has a gym and a music room, a swimming pool, a medical unit and a physical therapist's office. Professional psychologists and speech therapists work with children.

The development of the surrounding area has been also performed: planting of pines, installing of border stones, paving of sidewalks, covering the children's playing ground with wood, asphalt paving and lawn planting. The total area is over 9,000 sq. m.

built-up area
3090 m2

3259 m3
of concrete