VIS Group was formed on the basis of “Production company “VIS”, LLC organized in 2000 in St. Petersburg. Today “PC “VIS”, LLC is acting as a parent company. Over the years, the Group included several companies specializing in the construction and reconstruction of civil buildings and industrial facilities, engineering, procurement and supply of equipment and materials.

The first major project was implemented in 2003  the construction of “LVL-Ugra” mill for the laminated veneer lumber (also called Glulam) production in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. The mill became the first facility in CIS to make Glulam from veneer sheets.

In august 2004 “PC “VIS” was assigned to act as General Contractor for the restoration and reconstruction of the Orenburg helium plant facilities injured after an accident. The project initiated an active cooperation of “PC “VIS” and companies of Gazprom Group.

Over the years, VIS Group has accumulated extensive experience in projects for particular economic, social and socio-political importance:

  • Renovation of the Orenburg helium plant facilities,
  • Modernization of Kirishi and Ryazan SDPP, construction of the 9th unit of the Novocherkassk SDPP,
  • Construction of facilities within preparation for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of Astrakhan and the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl,
  • Construction of infrastructure facilities for the Olympic Games in Sochi,
  • Participation in the Program of socio-economic development of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District,
  • Construction of sports facilities within the national “Gazprom for Children” program.

Since 2000, VIS Group has implemented more than 68 major projects. Currently there are more than 30 ongoing projects. Company portfolio is formed up to 2020, its estimated value exceeds RUB 635 billion. The Group operates in various regions of the Russian Federation.

Major events chronicle


  • Agreements on strategic partnership with the Chelyabinsk region and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic have been signed.
  • By the end of the year, VIS Group has formed one of the largest PPPs portfolio in Russia with a volume of RUB 635 billion.
  • The investment stage of the first PPP project in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District completed.
  • A project to build 12 educational and cultural institutions was launched In Yakutia.
  • VIS Group became the winner of competition on construction of a bridge in Novosibirsk.
  • VIS Group was one of the first in Russia to attract bond financing within the framework of a non-concessional project.
  • “Khabarovsk Bypass” toll road construction began.
  • Tundrovy microdistrict development in Novy Urengoy completed.
  • The only Russian project listed in unece standard on PPPs is the one implemented by VIS Group.


  • The Group sponsored "Russian PPP week – 2016". 
  • The construction of power unit No.9 of Novocherkassk SDPP was completed.
  • VIS Group became General Partner of "Our future" project, held on one of the leading TV channels of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra.
  • "Zvezdny" sports complex of international class was commissioned in Novy Urengoy.
  • The Group entered TOP-20 of largest construction companies in Russia according to RBC 500 rating.
  • The construction of two facilities in the framework of public-private partnership project on the Yamal Peninsula was completed. The project was recognized as one of the best PPP practices in social sphere.
  • Designing of 12 facilities of social infrastructure in Yakutia was completed.
  • Concession agreement for "Khabarovsk Bypass" PPP project was signed. 
  • In Novy Urengoy, two houses of Tundrovy neighborhood were commissioned.
  • Due to PPP development, a number of new subsidiaries was registered, as well as "VIS Management Company" JC.


  • The Group started construction of the largest Russian perinatal center in Surgut under the PPP project. 
  • Multi-functional station in Novy Urengoy was commissioned. 
  • Construction of River station in Salekhard was completed.
  • VIS Group supported the Yamal Dance Sport Team Championship in Novy Urengoy.
  • Social and rehabilitation center "Sadko" in Novy Urengoy was built.
  • The residential complex "Northern Lights" was commissioned in Noyabrsk.
  • The Group entered the top-500 Russian business leaders according to RBC, the list of Forbes-200 and climbed 10 positions up in the RAEX-600 ranking.
  • Ice Arena in Nadym was commissioned.
  • The first two houses of Tundrovy neighborhood in Novy Urengoy were built.
  • The construction of a kindergarten for 80 children was completed in Gorky village (YaNAD).
  • VIS Group won the tender for construction of 12 social infrastructure facilities in Yakutia on the principles of PPP.
  • The Group won the competition for construction of Bovanenkovo - Sabetta railway line on the principles of PPP.


  • The building of the School of the Arts in Gubkinsky commissioned. 
  • The construction of the first 6 buildings of the residential complex “Northern Lights” in Noyabrsk completed. 
  • The Group signed a strategic partnership agreement with the “Rise Capital” Fund.
  • VIS Group Formed an Administration for Public Private Partnership Projects Implementation.
  • The Group was the first one to publish the book by the famous American economist and theorist of public-private partnership Jeffrey Delmon in Russia.
  • Fortune magazine published an article on the activities of VIS Group.
  • The Group became a partner of the hockey club "Sochi".
  • Two kindergartens for 120 and 300 children commissioned in Noyabrsk and Novy Urengoy.
  • The construction of a dairy plant in Salekhard completed.
  • Sites of VIS Group companies were launched.
  • The Group logo received the status of a protected trademark.


  • “Himmashmontazh”, LLC and “VIS Service”, LLC joined the Group.
  • Completed construction of infrastructure facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
  • A new version of the corporate website was launched.
  • Introduced a unified corporate identity for companies within the Group.
  • VIS Group page was created in Wikipedia.
  • Six social facilities in the Yamal -Nenets Autonomous District were commissioned: medical building of children’s clinic and kindergarten for 290 children in Salekhard, AIDS Prevention and Control District Centre in Noyabrsk, the Registry office in Novy Urengoy, kindergarten for 240 children and boarding school in Tazovsky.
  • Sales of apartments in “Northern Lights” residential complex, Noyabrsk and Tundra Microdistrict, Novy Urengoy started.
  • Group's parent company – “PC “VIS”, LLC – rose 6 positions in the annual ranking of the largest public companies in the North-West Federal District by growth dynamics and took 14th place in the 2012.
  • “PC “VIS”, LLC  took third place in the National Business Rating – annual top 100 leading enterprises of the Russian Federation federal nation-wide statistical ranking of economic entities aggregate indicators of their financial activities.
  • An agreement with the Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District on the construction of 6 educational institutions on the basis of public-private partnership was signed.
  • VIS Group contributed to the Olympic torch relay in Novy Urengoy, taking the Olympic torch to the construction site sports complex "Zvezndy”.


  • “Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk”, LLC administrative complex is put into operation.
  • Reconstruction of a booster compressor station (BCS) of Komsomolsk gas field, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District is completed.
  • Reconstruction, engineering and technological equipment of the building of “SO UPS”, JSC in Perm is completed.
  • VIS Group won the tender of Novy Urengoy “City centre of property relations” to conclude the agreement of lease of land for its integrated development for housing construction.
  • The Group took 20th place in the ranking of the largest companies in the North-Western Federal District by the absolute increase in revenues for the 2009-2011.
  • Reconstruction of a booster compressor station (BCS) of Vyngapurovskoye gas field, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District is completed.
  • Modernization of the condensation section of Kirishi SDPP based on the steamgas technology is completed. On March 23, 2012 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin launched the power unit CCGT-800.
  • The volume of works performed exceeded RUB 25 billion.


  • VIS Group and “OGK-6”, JSC entered into the general contractor agreement to construct of the 9th power unit of Novocherkassk SDPP.
  • Compressor shop No. 11 of the gas compressor station “Davydovskaya” of Morshansky department of “Gazprom transgaz Moscow”, LLC is commissioned in the Tambov region.
  • The construction of phase I of the children's health center named after A.S. Pushkin in Astrakhan is completed.
  • The construction design of stage II of Cherepovets SDPP in Vologda region is completed.
  • Modernization of a 400 kW transformer substation in Lemesany (Slovakia) is completed.


  • Regional office in Yaroslavl is set up.
  • The project for comprehensive improvement of the Volga embankment in Yaroslavl is completed. For the active participation and contribution to the preparations for the celebration of Yaroslavl 1000th anniversary VIS Group was awarded with the commemorative medal “For the preparation of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl city”.
  • Regional office in Novocherkassk is set up.
  • The project for architectural lighting of Astrakhan TV tower is completed.
  • VIS Group and the Astrakhan region Administration started the development of the investment program for implementing comprehensive projects for the region’s social and economic development through public-private partnership.
  • New office building of “Gazprom dobycha Orenburg”, LLC is put into operation.
  • The Group completed the reconstruction of culture and sport center “Gazovik” in Orenburg.
  • VIS Group won the first open international tender for reconstruction of complete transformer substation in Lemesany (Slovakia).
  • Modernization of Ryazan SDPP is completed.
  • In 2010 VIS Group revenue increased two times comparing to 2009 year and amounted to RUB 18 billion.
  • The amount of federal taxes transferred by the company to the budget of the Russian Federation in 2010 exceeds RUB 768 million.
  • The connection of optional wells of phase IV at the Orenburg gas condensate field is completed.


  • Regional office in Sochi is set up.
  • Regional office in Novy Urengoy is set up.
  • “PC “VIS”, LLC is chosen as the general contractor for construction and commissioning of Novy Urengoy gas chemical complex. The project’s investor is “Gazprom”, JSC.
  • The project for bank protection and the Volga embankment improvement by 450th anniversary of Astrakhan is completed.
  • “VIS Automation”, LLC (a joint venture of VIS Group and Siemens AG international group) is set up.


  • Southern regional office is set up.
  • The cooperation with “LUKoil-Yugnefteprodukt” is initiated.
  • Regional office in Noyabrsk is set up.
  • Regional office in Kirishi is set up.
  • The cooperation with “OGK-6”, JSC is initiated.
  • The Group has started implementation of large-scale projects to upgrade Kirishi and Ryazan SDPPs.
  • VIS Group is formed on the basis of “PC “VIS”, LLC.
  • “Stroytechnika”, LLC (St. Petersburg) joined VIS Group.
  • “Industrial and Investment Company”, LLC, Sofia (Bulgaria) joined VIS Group.


  • Long-term relationship with a subsidiary of "Gazprom", JSC – "Gazpromstroyengineering", LLC – has been established.
  • An agreement with the "Management of capital construction" municipal state-owned enterprise of Astrakhan to perform on bank protection and improvement of the embankment of Volga and Kutum rivers is concluded.


  • The project for “Gazprom dobycha Orenburg”, LLC new office building construction is launched. The project customer is “Gazprom dobycha Orenburg”, LLC.


  • New corporate identity of “PC “VIS”, LLC has been developed.
  • New version of “PC “VIS”, LLC website has been launched.
  • The main step-down substation of Orenburg helium is put into operation.


  • Regional office in Orenburg is set up.
  • Reconstruction and technical upgrading of the Orenburg gas processing plant has been initiated.


  • Regional office in Astrakhan is set up.
  • The first major project is launched– the construction of “LVL-Ugra” mill for the laminated veneer lumber (also called Glulam) production in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.
  • Implementation of projects for the construction and reconstruction of industrial oil and gas facilities in the Orenburg and Astrakhan regions. The customers are subsidiaries of “Gazprom”, JSC: “Gazprom dobycha Orenburg”, LLC and “Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan”, LLC.


  • Construction of a new customs terminal in Svetogorsk.
  • Construction of a single-sheet paper production plant with capacity of 140,000 tons per year for “Svetogorsk”, JSC.
  • Construction of effluent treatment plants on Svetogorsk pulp and paper mill.


  • Limited Liability Company “Production Company “VIS“ is established in St. Petersburg.